Care Instructions

So you've made a mess hey? Good for you 😈 Here's all you need to know when it comes to caring for your Splash Products.

It couldn't be easier bby 💦

How to Wash

We recommend washing your Splash Blanket™ on a similar setting to your towels or bed sheets washing cycle – one with a fast spin! It’s best to wash your Splash Blanket™ separately on a cold or warm temperature cycle, not exceeding 30 degrees celsius, and add in one scoop of washing liquid or powder.

Avoid using the delicate or gentle wash settings as they will not effectively remove excess water and will allow your blanket to be waterlogged. If you encounter tough stains such as blood, wine or other bodily fluids, apply a stain remover spray and allow it to soak for 5 minutes before washing.

How to Dry

To dry your wet blanket, you have two options. You can either a) line-dry it indoors or hang outside on the clothesline (keep in mind that colours may fade over time when exposed to prolonged direct sunlight), or b) tumble dry on the lowest heat setting for a maximum 30 minutes at one time. Be cautious with your dryer’s heat settings, as excessively high temperatures may melt the inner TPU layer. Please monitor the drying process carefully during the first few washes to determine the ideal duration and setting for your specific blanket size and style. Using the dryer may maintain your blanket’s fluffiness and softness. However, do not tumble dry for over 30 minutes at a time to prevent damage.

Additional Care Instructions

  • WARNING: Do not iron or dry clean your Splash Blanket™, and avoid using fabric softeners, bleach, or vinegar, as they may compromise the integrity of the TPU (waterproof) layer.
  • If your blanket retains a scent after washing, consider adding a tablespoon of bicarbonate soda to the wash.
  • The larger blankets may take a while to dry on a hanger, especially in cooler climates or without access to a clothesline with direct sunshine. We recommend tumble drying the larger size blankets as it helps maintain their fluffiness and softness.
  • Avoid kitty cat claws, which may pierce the waterproof lining - especially if they knead.
  • If you wash regularly due to frequent use, we suggest having several smaller blankets on rotation as drying is quicker than the larger sizes.

Faux Fur

Due to the nature of the faux fur material, we strongly advise against machine washing or tumble drying your blanket, as it may compromise the integrity of the fabric. Instead, for best results we recommend spot-cleaning by hand.

To spot-clean your blanket, follow these steps:

  1. Fill a bucket with a couple of litres of warm water and add a small cap of gentle washing detergent.
  2. Place the blanket over a hard surface in your laundry or a convenient location.
  3. Dampen a sponge or washcloth and use it on the stained area. Gently but thoroughly rub the area until it is clean.
  4. Rinse the cleaned area with warm water.
  5. To dry, hang the blanket on a clothes rack, whether indoors or outdoors, until it is completely dry.

Need More Help?

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