Travel: 50cm x 75cm (19 x 29 inches)
Best described as the size of a baby-change table, this small yet handy waterproof blanket can be used in a multitude of ways such as protecting your car seats, couch covers, bedding or floor surfaces from any spills, leaks or stains. Think: quick clean ups post sexy time, protecting your clothes from breast milk throw up over the shoulder and couch protection when you’re bleeding.

Extra Small Round: 1m x 1m (40in x 40in)
Shaped in a round circle, this XS size Splash Blanket is perfect for regular use as it washes quick & dries fast. Since it’s so small it can fit easily in your suitcase for travel, and is also ideal for pets, babies or any regular messy antics.

Small: 1.2m x 1.2m (50in x 50in)
Although this is described as a “small”, its generous sizing makes it perfect for use in the bedroom, on the couch or as an indoors picnic blanket on the floor.

Medium: 1.2m x 2m (50in x 80in)
Best described as a similar shape and size of a single bed, the medium blanket can fit most (tall) bodies length ways, making it an effective blanket for full body massages (hello oil spills), plenty of rolling around on the bed or cuddling up on the couch. Doubles as a functional throw for the end of your bed!

Large: 2m x 2m (80in x 80in)
The large size blanket offers maximum coverage. Doubling as an innocuous bed or couch throw, the blanket fits best over the size of a Queen size bed and transforms into an epic sex blanket, camping blanket or even plush bedspread in winter. You do you!

Jumbo: 2.3m x 2.3m (90.5in x 90.5in)
The jumbo size blanket offers an oversized waterproof blanket to cover most King, Super King and California King beds. The jumbo size will not just lay flat across the bed but actually tuck in or fall over the sides of the mattress, unlike the large size.