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Dusty Magenta Splash Blanket®

Dusty Magenta Splash Blanket®

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We've designed the ultimate 'must have' family blanket to support you in all of life's magic (and sometimes messy) moments. Luxurious to curl up with and so soft to the touch, our blankets are double sided with a fluffy fleece on one side and a velvety smooth material on the other. Splash blankets are infused with a special waterproof technology that captures liquids and prevents leakage so you never have to worry about your couch, floor, mattress or bedding again!

Whether it's a little nappy free play time for bubs, no more wet or stained sheets during the night, some cosy comfort for pets, support during hospital visits or post surgery recovery, something to protect the couch when the kids are hanging out with their snacks and drinks, or a little luxury during your intimate moments in the bedroom, our splash blankets are here to take care of the mess.

They're so luxe and decadent with rich colours and super soft fabric, that you will hardly believe they can hold up to one litre of fluid with total ease! Machine washable, vegan friendly, waterproof and leak proof - these blankets will fast become a favourite for everyone in your home.

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