Splash Blanket Styles

Splash Blankets are available in a variety of fabrics - both natural and synthetic - with new styles dropping every 6-12 months. To read more about the blanket temperature index click here

The OG

The OG blanket is thick, plush, cosy and completely waterproof on both sides. One side features our signature smooth micro-velvet fabric and the other side has fluffy sherpa fleece; the ultimate throw for soaking up big spills. Considered the most absorbent of all Splash Blanket styles, the OG is also ultra warm, snuggly and can hold up to a litre of liquid.

The Double Veluxe

The Double Veluxe Splash Blanket is sleek, stylish and ultra luxe, with both sides featuring our signature micro-velvet fabric with a blended waterproof technology making it leak-proof on both sides. If you’re looking for a thinner, cooler option that remains 100% waterproof but also more compactable for travel or storage - the double velux ticks the box.

The Bamboo

The Bamboo style is luxuriously smooth, breathable and temperature-regulating all year long. Described more effectively as a “mat”, the Bamboo Splash Blanket is the ultimate waterproof covering to protect any bed, couch or floor surface. Made of a blended bamboo viscose fabric, it is absorbent, soft and incorporates natural fibres into your home soft furnishings.

Quilted Fleece

Quilted Fleece is a limited edition Splash Blanket that features a velvety smooth material on one side and an extra soft waffle-style fleece on the other. Lightweight, versatile and best for indoor or outdoor activities as it doesn’t catch leaves or sticks.