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Do I turn you on? 😉💦

Let the good times Splash

Mess is an unavoidable (and fun) part of sex and self pleasure but sometimes the worry about the mess and clean up can get in the way of our good time.

Stop worrying, lay back and squirt freely! Splash Blanket’s can hold up to 1L of liquid and really take a pounding (literally!). They are machine washable and are made of very durable materials that feel soft, sexy and add a little something extra for those of us that like a sensory experience.

Reusable, Machine Washable and Reallllly Sexy

How is the blanket waterproof?

The waterproof technology in each Splash Blanket is undetectable (i.e. no plastic scrunchy sound) and regardless of the size you purchase each Splash Blanket can hold upto 1L of liquid.

How to use

Unwrap, unfold, get on and get off Splash Blanket takes zero effort to use 💦 and is also very discreet bc it looks just like a normal blanket (unless your friends have one too then IYKYK right?).

The Brains Behind the Blanket

Designed & developed by Rosie Rees in 2020. Rosie is an Australian entrepreneur with a multitude of sex-positive businesses under her belt. In Rosie’s words she says “these blankets have gone viral across the globe and are proving to do much more than just protect bedding and manchester.

When people feel more comfortable to let go during sex or self pleasure, they naturally become more orgasmic".

Customers have shared with us via social media that these blankets have totally saved their sex life and allowed them to fully surrender and let go in the bedroom and become "squirters"!

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