Make a Splash

Dive headfirst into relaxation mode with Splash Blanket® – the worlds most luxurious Waterproof Splash Blanket®.

Our life-proof, mess-proof & waterproof products aren't just for keeping the mess at bay during intimate moments, but also for creating a cozy mess proof oasis wherever you go.

From spontaneous picnics or Netflix marathons to self care days or intimate moments, our Luxurious Waterproof Splash Blankets® can handle it all! Plus, they are made from durable yet butter soft material and can handle up to a whole litre of liquid!

So go ahead, spill your drink or snuggle up and let go ... we’ve got you covered - literally!


How is the blanket waterproof?

Wondering about the magic behind our waterproof blanket?

It's all about that undetectable waterproof tech – no crinkly plastic sounds here unlike others on the market! Plus, whether you opt for the small or large size, each Luxurious Splash Blanket® can handle up to 1L of liquid without batting an eye – tried and tested by thousands of happy, mind blown customers – check out our reviews 😉

How to use

Using your Splash Blanket® is a breeze – just unwrap, unfold, and dive straight into it. Designed for simplicity, our blankets are hassle-free and user-friendly. Thanks to their discreet design, they seamlessly blend in with your home decor and style, adding a touch of luxury to any environment without drawing attention.


Introducing the Boss Babe Behind All-in-One Luxury

Meet Rosie Rees, the creative genius behind blankets that have got you covered, no matter what life throws your way! Designed and developed in Australia in 2020, Rosie's knack for problem-solving with a heavy dash of style and comfort has turned heads worldwide. These blankets? They're not just for one thing – they're your versatile solution for every mess, big or small.

Our blankets have become a global sensation, offering more than just protection for your bedding and linens. Need comfort during childbirth? Check. Support for free bleeding? Double-check. Cozy snuggle sessions? Tripple-check. Our Waterproof Blanket solutions have become a household name in countless situations, solving problems you didn't even know you had!

Customers everywhere are raving about these all across social media, sharing how our blankets have become their go-to for everything from cuddling up with pets to unwinding after a long day and more.

Follow Rosie's journey and Splash Blanket® on Instagram and discover how her blankets are making life a whole lot easier, one luxurious, waterproof, stainproof, mess proof solution at a time! 🌟

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