Double Veluxe

Splash Blanket™ Double Veluxe is made of micro-velvet fabric that has been bonded with a waterproof internal layer.

Splash Blanket. Wateproof Luxury

  • Holds up to 1L of liquid
  • Machine washable
  • Dryer safe

The OG

The Splash Blanket™ looks like any other innocuous couch throw, but is 100% waterproof, reversible and more importantly absorbent

Quilted Fleece

The quilted fleece is ultra-soft, extra cosy and has slightly less volume than the traditional Splash Blanket™ meaning it folds up flatter, which may be useful for travel or storage

Splash Mat

Hard floor, sore knees? The ultimate waterproof padded mat you didn't know you needed.

Fitted Sheets

Use as a mattress protector or simply fit straight over your usual sheets and duvet cover for a quick clean up job.

I'd Look Great On Your Bed

What started as the worlds most luxurious waterproof blanket is now the worlds leading luxury, waterproof soft goods brand. Splash Blanket, make a mess because we love being on clean up duty.

Make a Splash 💦

Don't hold back, Splash Blanket™️is for anyone and everyone. Intimate moments, messy kids on the couch, pets in the car. You name it, a Splash Blanket™️ will protect it.

Splash Blanket is like any other blanket, but sexier!

100% waterproof, double-sided and holds up to 1L of liquid - now that's a good time!