• Squirt Blankets Are The Sex Accessory You Never Knew You Needed

    REFINERY | MARCH 8, 2022

    One person who knows knew this struggle all too well is Rosie Rees, founder of Yoni Pleasure Palace.

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  • Calling All Squirters: This Sex Blanket Is Here to Save Your Sheets

    VICE | January 22, 2022

    What the world needs now is the Squirt Blanket, which protects your mattress from any and all of the juices your sex romp may produce.

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  • Let The Floodgates Open: These Squirt Blankets Will Keep Your Bedding Fluid-Free


    These waterproof blankets will keep your bed and your couch free of any fluids and save you a trip to the laundry room

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  • Keep Calm and Strap On: The Best Sex Toys for Couples, From Vibrators to Handcuffs


    Stuck in a sexual rut? These sex toys for couples can help you try different sexual positions or explore your favorite fetishes

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  • Goodbye, wet patch: You can now buy a cosy waterproof blanket just for having sex

    METRO | JULY 8, 2022

    Whether you’re a squirter, a fan of period sex, someone who enjoys sploshing, or you just like to use plenty of lube, there’s going to be some cleanup involved.

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