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Cum Lords, Rejoice! This Squirt Blanket Can Hold a Liter of Your Sploosh.


Squirt Blankets Are The Sex Accessory You Never Knew You Needed


Let The Floodgates Open: These Squirt Blankets Will Keep Your Bedding Fluid-Free

Waterproof sex blankets for unbridled bedroom fun: 'Life changing'

Women's Health

Sick Of Soggy Post-Sex Sheets? You Need This Chic New Waterproof Throw


This game-changing sex blanket will make life easier for squirters – and save your sheets

New Splash Blanket sex accessory minimises mess in the bedroom

All the fun, none of the mess. 

I Road Tested a Squirt Blanket. No, Not Like That.

Let’s all take a moment to remember all the bedsheets, towels and sexy lingerie that we’ve lost to a good romp.

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